5 Celebrities Believed To Use Anabolic Steroids

Celebrities are known for bending the rules and doing whatever it takes to achieve that “look at me” body that gets them jobs, fans and praise. From award-winning actors to old school rappers, here are 5 celebrities who are believed to have used anabolic steroids…

Sly Stallone

At 70, Sly Stalone still looks like amazing and it has always been clear that the athletic star was committed to being healthy and fit. During his Rambo years, Sly was not only huge, but cut… and it really sparked rumors that he was juicing for the role. If you weren’t around to remember Rambo, just Google the pics and you be the judge of steroids.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

This one is confirmed. During high school, Dwayne and a few of his friends used anabolic steroids to kick-start results in the gym. However, Dwayne now admits that he wishes that he had tried to go it the natural way and no longer uses the supplements to get ahead. For him, its all moving iron and eating right.

Tyler Perry

Perry is not your typical anabolic steroids user that buy steroids online. While he may not look like he has been hitting the steroids, anabolic steroids are not just for guys who want to gain mass. They can also be used to aid in weight loss efforts which is what Perry may have used them for… if he used them.

Lance Armstrong

Another confirmed user, Armstrong garnered a lot of attention for testing positive for performance enhancers. For a while, this was just a rumor, but it was a rumor that refused to die out. In 2013, he admitted to having purchase steroids during his cycling career.


In the 90s, Timbaland was that loveable chubby guy that kept us all dancing and nodding our heads. These days, he is no longer that chubby guy… he is that swole up guy – still loveable though. Timbaland is now in the best shape of his life at 46 and he is still creating beats that we cannot forget.

It looks like a little bit of everybody is juicing up these days and you can buy steroids online here to if you want, but that’s not so bad. Anabolic steroids are considered safe for those who are generally healthy and the stars on our list, as far as we know, are… and the results were definitely worth it.

How To Find The Best Steroid Cycle

There are a number of ways that an athlete can get to the pinnacle of his or her sport. If the individual has a chance of good genetics that are conducive to a certain type of athletic or physical excellence, then the starting block is created. Beyond that the traditional method of reaching to the heights of the sport include years of training, years of careful diet and exercise and working through injuries and setbacks. This regimen includes a carefully selected diet that promotes lean muscle growth, low fat content and the promotion of supplements and vitamins that will improve the metabolism and synthesis of these compounds into pure energy and vitality required for muscle growth and retention.

Although this path is a time-proven track of achieving great success in athletics, it does not take into account the fact that not everyone has the genetic makeup to be able to absorb all the required proteins, lipids and minerals that our daily food consumption provides. Even with natural supplements the body can only grow to a certain size and then the plateau is reached. That’s when the true champion must decide to go with a powerful supplementation of the body, which includes the best steroid cycles known to mankind and the inclusion of a best steroid stack.

There’s no shame in the introduction of anabolic steroids in the building blocks of the supreme physical specimen. It doesn’t matter whether the individual is a bodybuilder, a sprinter, a baseball player or a powerlifter as each type of individual and each type of sport requires an extraordinary amount of training and supplementation in order to boost the body beyond its limitations.

The best steroid cycle is specific to each body type and ideally for each sport or athletic arena. A powerlifter will require a different type of steroid regimen than a sprinter, but each will require a carefully selected number of supplements, some of which can be put together into what is known as stacks. Some of the best steroid stacks include this type of combination of steroids and supplements which work with each individual to not only grow in size and speed and explosiveness, but will also help fight off any side-effects or specific reactions to a specific steroid.

As it’s a well-known fact, certain anabolic steroids can produce undesirable side-effects. Some of these side-effects can be countered by additional supplements. For example, during a heavy bulking phase where Deca Durabolin or Dianabol are being used, some of the side effects could bring about androgenic effects such as additional growth around the pectoral areas. This swelling around the breasts causes a condition known as gynecomastia. Not everyone reacts this way to these steroids and this is a rare condition, but it is something that could come on quickly and needs to be countered as quickly as possible with a supplement. That’s a rare example but nonetheless a valid one. Other examples might include countering other side effects such as male pattern baldness and other side-effects around a low-testosterone state which could come about when using anabolic steroids as the body then slows down its own natural free testosterone production capabilities and could require a testosterone supplement during this cycle.

Overall, it’s imperative that the athlete who decides to push his body to the next level should seek out a doctor’s approval before trying this type of regimen.