Why Anavar Pills Is Highly Recommended For Your Cutting Cycles

Anavar is known to be a mild or weak steroid among athletes and bodybuilders. In fact, this is the main reason why many people use it for cutting purposes. In cutting cycles, Anavar is particularly used to maintain muscle mass while shedding body fat.


The chemical name of Anavar is Oxyndrolone and it was introduced into the steroid market in 1964. It was mainly introduced as a mild alternative to other stronger steroids—it was even prescribed for women, children, and the elderly for weight gain purposes following surgery, trauma, illnesses, and other severe infections. Currently, it has a number of uses in patients suffering from wasting conditions such as AIDS.

Mechanism of Action

Anavar tends to act as a cortisol receptor antagonist in the body and will therefore raise your levels of free and protein-bound cortisol. It is also known to reduce thyroid binding globulin concentrations which in turn results into elevated thyroxine-binding prealbumin as well as increased creatine and T3 uptake. These mechanisms of actions tend to confirm why Anavar is recommended during cutting cycles—whether used alone or when stacked with other steroids.

Anavar’s Great Results for Cutting

When Anavar isn’t used by athletes and bodybuilders to boost their power and speed, it is utilized as a cutting agent. Generally, Anavar will boost the rate at which your body burns fat, lipolysis and fat oxidation. For starters, it’s important to note that almost all anabolic steroids out there can be used for bulking or cutting—what dictates the end goal is one’s cardio and nutrition. However, some anabolic steroids are classified as true bulking or cutting steroids depending on the major actions that they yield on the users. Anavar, Winstrol, and Primobolan are often classified as true cutting steroids.

Besides accelerating the rate at which your body burn excess fats, Anavar will also help you maintain muscle mass prior to and during calorie restriction. You will realize the effects of Anavar fairly fast considering that it has a short half-life—about 9 hours.

The use of Anavar for cutting among women is also recommended. Like their male counterparts, Anavar will help female users maintain their muscle tissues throughout their cutting cycles. Although it is believed that women find it a bit hard to burn fat and preserve their muscle mass during calorific deficit periods, the use of Anavar has proven otherwise.

Buying Anavar

Legitimate Anavar for sale are considerably hard to find. Since it is one of the most expensive steroids in the market, many counterfeit vendors will lace it with smaller amounts of cheaper steroids such as Dianabol. In fact, this is one of the biggest hurdles that women face when they opt to buy Oxandrolone—many assume that they are buying the milder Anavar, only to suffer a number of side effects for unknowingly consuming stronger Dianabol.  Accordingly, whether you decide to buy Anavar online or from a local store, it is crucial to carry a background research on the distributor as well as the original source of the steroid.