Positive Uses Of Winstrol Pills

Winstrol is probably the most recognized name in anabolic steroids.  When there is a steroid scandal, this steroid is always first in line as the steroid mentioned in the news articles, though it might not even be the one being used by the person.  Winstrol’s notoriety goes back to the 1988 Olympics, when a gold medal winning sprinter was found using Winstrol.  In fact, that was all the US Congress needed.  It was the end of the legal use of steroids in the United States.  With a few exceptions, most anabolic steroid hormones were placed on the Schedule III list of controlled substances.

Winstrol is a mild performance enhancing steroid, and is used widely by a lot of men and women who are athletes.  It is used a lot among physique contestants and body builders.  That is why so many athletes want to know where they can buy Winstrol. It promotes the growth of muscle mass, and is used in the medical field to help bone density retention and restoration among patients with osteoporosis. And, it has been discovered that this anabolic steroid can help treat obesity. That is why a number of people are looking for Winstrol for sale.

Winstrol carries an anabolic rating of compared to testosterone’s less than half that. This makes it extremely anabolic, and why so many people are trying to buy Winstrol online. It release more free testosterone than most any other anabolic steroid, also. It is not quite a wonder drug, however, as some may think.

What is strange about this steroid is that it does not provide a lot of bulking mechanisms. It does not provide a lot of muscle mass, but it is used for extreme physical stress, such as running, swimming, and body builders who use it to cut muscle with a large number of massive repetitions.

The side effects of this anabolic steroid are common among steroids, but are not very strong.  It does not cause water retention, nor does it cause the enlargement of male breasts. Most other anabolic steroid hormones do. High blood pressure may be a factor, but that is based on diet and other aspects of the individuals lifestyle, and may have nothing to do with this steroid. Acne and accelerated loss of hair on the head is possible. With label instructions followed carefully, however, these side effects are
minimal. It can cause hair growth and deepening of the voice in women, but these side effects disappear once the steroid use ceases.

Winstrol is little different than other anabolic steroids as far as cholesterol goes. It has the same effects as nearly every anabolic steroid, that is, bad effects by producing more LDL levels than normal.  Once again, this can be controlled by diet.

In order to eliminate the stress on the liver, this steroid hormone should only be used for six to eight weeks. That way, the liver will have time to adjust after the ingestion of the steroid has passed.  If used safely and by following label directions, the use of Winstrol should prove no problem.